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I'm a Dr. of physics at DESY in Berlin as a staff-scientist researcher.

Previously I held the Schroedinger fellowship position at DIAS in Ireland, and postdoctoral positions at ISDC (part of the University of Geneva), and at the Max Planck Institute für Kernphysik in Heidelberg working in the High Energy Astrophysics group. I was a PhD student in Oxford University's Astrophysics department.

PhD Supervisors in Oxford: Subir Sarkar and Joe Silk

My research interests include cosmic rays, high energy photons and neutrinos, and dark matter signals.

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Publications Proceedings: SKA, HEPRO, Gamma08, VLVnT08, 3rd Cosmic Ray School, Como10, UHECR 2012, Gamma12, ICRC2013, HEPRO 2013, ISVHECRI 2014, NOW2014, SUGAR15 DESY Seminars
Thesis: The Propagation of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays CV
Email Address- Berlin (Zeuthen): andrew.taylor(at)
Andrew Martin Taylor