Summer Student Programme 2006
@ DESY-Zeuthen


Beware of the Ducks


Welcome Party & Group Photos Wed Jul 26
My room & Swimming in the lakeKilianThu Jul 27
First visit to BerlinKilianSat Jul 29
Barbeque in ZeuthenKilianTue Aug 01
Playing Chess with Jan & Pictures of my officeKilianSun Aug 06
Great day in Berlin!KilianFri Aug 11
Early shift at PITZ - the day after :o)KilianSat Aug 12
New group photoJenifer & KilianTue Aug 15
Enrico & Richard's birthday partyJeniferTue Aug 15
Shopping in BerlinJeniferSat Aug 19
Shopping in BerlinKilianSat Aug 19
Trip to HamburgKilianAug 31-Sep 03
Trip to HamburgDeliaAug 31-Sep 01
Potsdam & Park SanssouciKilianSat Sep 16

Lecture materials

S. WiesandComputing at ZeuthenSheets: Day 1 Day 2
Th. NaumannElementary particles and their Interactions (both topics in one file)
Short: pdf (28.0 MB)
Long: pdf (44.3 MB)
Th. NaumannHiggs Detection
W. LohmannElectroweak Physics(handwritten script)
Ch. SpieringAstroparticle PhysicsSheets: Day 1 (ppt, 54.7 MB) Day 2 (ppt, 22.3 MB)
Amanda video (mpg, 8.0 MB)
M. DuerenThe HERMES Experiment(pdf, 5.9 MB)
K. HillerThe H1 Experiment(pdf, 3.3 MB)
U. GenschDESY: Research & Projects...
K. MoenigThe LHC Project(pdf, 3.5 MB)
Videos can be found at:
H. RedlinThe FLASH facility(ppt, 7.3 MB)
S.V. RothSynchroton Radiation...
J. BluemleinQCD(handwritten script)
S. RiemannThe ILC Project(ppt, 16.2 MB)
S. KhodyachykhThe Photoinjector PITZ(ppt, 25.8 MB)
A. ShindlerLattice QCD(pdf, 4.0 MB)

Student Reports

R. AndersonThe analyzing power of the positron polarimeter of E166
V. AngeliniIPACS benchmarks at DESY Zeuthen
K. AntipinCalibration of the Baikal telescope NT200 with the external laser
E. BoldriniProfiling infrastructure for apeNEXT
J. DobschinskiVerification of direct walk: A fast pre-selection of neutrino candidates for AMANDA and ICECUBE
I. SadehMeasurements performed on GaAs - a possible sensor material for the forward region of the ILC
I. MartashviliOptimizing the laser pulse shape
J. LangeCompton backscattering as a means of measuring the international linear collider's beam energy
J. Gonzalez LopezHigher order calculations in perturbation theory
Th. MarquardtMonte Carlo simulations and radiation protection calculations for the X-FEL
M. Marinkovic, A. NubeLocalization and evolution of quark-fields
E. von OelsenFast beam diagnostics with energy measurements in forward calorimeters at the ILC detectors
K. RosbachElectron beam momentum measurements at PITZ
M. Stanescu-BelluReconstruction of the Higgs mass from 4 leptons at the ATLAS detector using the ATHENA framework

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