Tracking and Vertexing

Conveners:T. Nelson, D. Peterson, J. Timmermans, M. Winter, H. Park, Y. Sugimoto
  Title Speaker Talks Paper ArXiv
Trk01 MarlinTPC: A Marlin based common TPC software framework for the LC-TPC collaboration Peter Wienemann talk paper arXiv
Trk02 TPC reconstruction dependence on noise using a FADC simulation Dan Peterson talk paper arXiv
Trk03 Track Resolution Studies for a MPGD TPC Klaus Dehmelt talk paper arXiv
Trk04 Pad Occupancy in LDC TPC with TDC-based Readout Electronics Alexander Kaukher talk paper arXiv
Trk05 Track resolution studies with the 'LiC Detector Toy' Monte Carlo Tool Winfried Mitaroff talk paper arXiv
Trk06 EMI studies at SLAC End Station A Mike Woods talk paper arXiv
Trk07 Study of Beamstrahlung in the Vertex Detector Pawel Luzniak talk paper arXiv
Trk08 Progress with the CPCCD and the ISIS Konstantin Stefanov talk paper arXiv
Trk09 ILC Vertex Detector Mechanical Studies Erik Johnson talk paper arXiv
Trk10 R&D Status and Plan for FPCCD Vertex Detector Yasuhiro Sugimoto talk paper arXiv
Trk11 Status Report on the ILC DEPFET Project Ladislav Andricek talk paper arXiv
Trk11 The DEPFET ILC Prototype: Test Beam Results Lars Reuen talk paper arXiv
Trk12 Monolithic Pixel R&D at LBNL Devis Contarato talk paper arXiv
Trk13 Tracking with a Thin Pixel Telescope Marco Battaglia talk paper arXiv
Trk14 Status of the development of MIMOSA CMOS sensors Auguste Besson talk paper arXiv
Trk15 Development of an ILC vertex detector sensor with single bunch crossing tagging Jim Brau talk paper arXiv
Trk16 Parametrisation of the Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor response and Geant4 simulation study Lukacz Maczewski talk paper arXiv
Trk17 A pixelated telescope for the E.U. detector R&D Daniel Haas talk paper arXiv
Trk18 Study of SOI, 3D and Laser Annealing as Candidate Technologies for the ILC Selcuk Cihangir talk paper arXiv
Trk19 Simulations of the Temperature Dependence of the Charge Transfer Inefficiency in a High Speed CCD Andre Sopczak talk paper arXiv
Trk20 Digitization and hit reconstruction for silicon tracker in MarlinReco Sergey Shulga talk paper arXiv
Trk21 Overview of SiD Tracking Robert Kutschke talk paper arXiv
Trk22 Calorimeter Assisted Tracking Algorithm for SiD Dmitry Onoprienko talk paper arXiv
Trk23 Progress on long-shaping-time readout at SCIPP Bruce Schumm talk paper arXiv
Trk24 SiLC simulation status report Marcel Vos talk paper arXiv
Trk25 First test of a 180 nm prototype readout chip using a (90;38)Sr radioactive source Wilfrid Da Silva talk paper arXiv
Trk26 The Cluster Counting Drift Chamber of the 4th Concept Franco Grancagnolo talk paper arXiv
Trk27 A GEM TPC End Panel Pre-Prototype Akimasa Ishikawa talk paper arXiv
Trk28 Measurements using a Bulk Micromegas in the Cornell/Purdue TPC Prototype Daniel Peterson talk paper arXiv
Trk29 Status of the Large TPC Prototype Field Cage Lea Hallermann talk paper arXiv
Trk30 A Study of Spatial Resolution of GEM TPC with Ar-CF4-iC4H10 Gas Mixtures Hirotoshi Kuroiwa talk paper arXiv
Trk31 Measuring Distortions in a TPC with Photoelectrons Dean Karlen talk paper arXiv
Trk32 Resolution Studies of GEM/Timepix Detector with 5 GeV electrons Nikolai Vlasov talk paper arXiv
Trk33 Recent Gridpix results Maximilien Chefdeville talk paper arXiv
Trk34 Digital Active Pixel Array (DAPA) for Vertex and Tracking Silicon Systems George Bashindzhagyan talk paper arXiv
Trk35 Geant4 Simulations of Machine-Induced Background in a TPC Adrian Vogel talk paper arXiv
Trk36 Simulation Study of GEM Gating at ILC-TPC Akira Sugiyama talk paper arXiv

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