Summer Student Programme 2008
@ DESY-Zeuthen



Lecture materials

U.GenschAn introduction to DESY
S.WiesandComputing at Zeuthen
Th.NaumannIntroduction to particle physics
E.BernardiniAstroparticle physics
C.BoulwareHigh-brightness photon beams
W.DeckingAccelerator physics
S.RothExperiments at FLASH
W.LohmannElectro-weak physics
M.BarisonziLHC experiments(Part-1.1) (Part-1.2) (Part-2) (Part-3)
S.MochLHC theory
S.RiemannILC project
D.RennerLattice QCD

Student Reports

M.MorgensternPANDORA - a new device for radiation protection at DESY
A.BonfortiCriteria for checking the quality of phase-space reconstruction algorithms at PITZ
E.DrakopoulouBeam emittance measurement at PITZ using steerers and single slit
Ruiz de OlanoUncertainties of beam RMS size measurements wit CCD cameras at PITZ
V.DurandMonte Carlo comparison for t/tbar production process at the LHC
J.MansourComparison of NLO Monte Carlo generators
H.Vano-VinualesSpin measurement of recoiled particles in Higgs-strahlungs process
B.DragomirLHC Bunch Train Emulator
S.BeckerVariations in decay times of waveforms and influence of snow
D.LennarzInvestigation of the scalability of the HESS software for CTA Monte Carlo studies
A.DikalyukPerformance study of time-clustering algorithm for a neutrino point source search with IceCube detector
E.PersonSapphire and Quarts as Detector Materials for the BeamCal of the ILC
D.AndrienkoCalculation of magnetic and thermodynamic characteristics of the lithium lens for the ILC positron source
R.Welsing, A.Martin SanchezLooking at the harmonic oscillator with lattice field theoretical methods
Y.SuliBenchmarking computers for high energy physics computing
Y.SuliLattice QCD Performance on Multi-core Linux Servers

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