Summer Student Programme 2007
@ DESY-Zeuthen



Welcome Party & Group Photos Wed Jul 25

Lecture materials

S. WiesandComputing at ZeuthenSheets: Day 1 Day 2
Th. NaumannElementary particles and their Interactions (both topics in one file)
Short: pdf (28.0 MB)
Long: pdf (44.3 MB)
Th. NaumannHiggs Detection
W. LohmannElectroweak Physics(handwritten script)
Ch. SpieringAstroparticle PhysicsSheets: Day 1 (ppt, 54.7 MB) Day 2 (ppt, 22.3 MB)
Amanda video (mpg, 8.0 MB)
M. DuerenThe HERMES Experiment(pdf, 5.9 MB)
K. HillerThe H1 Experiment(pdf, 3.3 MB)
U. GenschDESY: Research & Projects...
K. MoenigThe LHC Project(pdf, 3.5 MB)
Videos can be found at:
H. RedlinThe FLASH facility(ppt, 7.3 MB)
S.V. RothSynchroton Radiation...
J. BluemleinQCD(handwritten script)
S. RiemannThe ILC Project(ppt, 16.2 MB)
S. KhodyachykhThe Photoinjector PITZ(ppt, 25.8 MB)
A. ShindlerLattice QCD(pdf, 4.0 MB)

Student Reports

M.WolfEfficient linear algebra related to lattice QCD
J.Beacham,V.ShapozhnikovaA comparison in the Schwinger model
A.Koutsoukou-ArgyrakiCalculation of the pp - ttbar + Higgs cross section
H.HaakhSolution of evolution equation in leading and higher twist
V.FerraraTrigger efficiency for supersymmetric channels in ATLAS
J.OchabTest of shower reconstruction procedures with the IceTopA, IceTopB subarrays
H.SchulzRadiation protection study for the X-FEL
R.HoeflerSimulation of transverse emittance measurements using the single slit method
K.OrlovaASTRA simulations of the slice longitudinal momentum spreadalong the beamline for PITZ
S.SkeltonMulti-quadrupole scan for emittance determination at PITZ
N.ChanTomography reconstruction of the transverse phase space using two quadruploles
D.StuekenSimulation of a Silicon and fiber detector for precise energy measurement at ILC
S.KulisResearch and developement for low noise front-end electronics
P.BernittProperties of GaAs as detector material for BeamCal

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