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Some Photos :

Welcome party: Photo1, Photo2, Photo3, Photo4, Photo5, Photo6, Photo7, Photo8

Students at work: Photo1, Photo2, Photo3, Photo4, Photo5, Photo6, Photo7, Photo8, Photo9,

Student Reports :

  • Lucian-Stefan Ancu: Production of heavy neutral MSSM Higgs Bosons in photon-photon collisions in bbbar final states (0.3Mb)
  • Murat Djilkibaev: Noise and sensitivity measurements of an acoustic sensor (paper)
  • Teresa Fernandez, Maik Minuth: Lattice theory in Metropolis simulation (0.1Mb)
  • Archil Garishvili: Search for R-parity Violating Scalar Top Decays in electron-positron collisions at center-of-mass energy at 189 GeV (0.5Mb)
  • Falk Guenther: Study of longterm stability of the AMANDA-2 detector between 2001 and 2003 (0.2Mb)
  • Maxim Korotkov: Study of photon selection in the HERA-B electromagnetic calorimeter (0.3Mb)
  • Olexiy Lazarevych: Multidimensional search program for photo-injector optimization (3.5Mb)
  • Charlotta Nielson: Misalignement sensitivity of laser and electron beams in the photon-photon collider at TESLA (0.4Mb)
  • Sebastian Piec: SPACAL alignement and calibration (1.0Mb)
  • Alan Robertson: Preparation of tests of the first prototype module for the HERMES Silicon Recoil Detector (0.7Mb)
  • Fabian Schmidt: Calculating radiative corrections for photon gluon fusion (0.5Mb)
  • Helge Totd: Determination of the beam energy at TESLA using radiative dimuon events (0.2Mb)
  • Alexander Wolf: Phase scan measurements and simulation for PITZ (0.3Mb)

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