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June 25
16:00 - 21:00 Registration
19:00 - 21:00 Welcome Reception at the Conference Venue

June 26
08:00 - 09:00 Registration


Session Chair: W. Lohmann

09:00 Welcoming Address Ch. Helm, U. Gensch


Memorial for Krzystof Rybicki

M. Turala

Neutrino Physics

Session Chair: A. Bettini

09:30 Evidence for Neutrino Oscillations from KamLand (pdf, 4,5MB) B. Fujikawa

10:10 Latest News from SNO (pdf, 3,2MB; hep-ex/0310039,pdf ) K. Graham

10:40 Nuclear Processes at Solar Energy Scale (pdf, 900KB; astro-ph/0308537,pdf ) C. Broggini

11:10 Coffee Break

Session Chair: J.M. Brom

11:30 Solar Models and Solar Neutrinos (pdf, 884KB; astro-ph/0310030,pdf) J. Bahcall

12:15 Neutrino Oscillations: A Global Analysis (pdf, 1,7MB; hep-ph/0310012,pdf) G. Fogli



Astro- and Astroparticle Physics

Session Chair: E. Kluge

14:00 Status of Observational Cosmology and Inflation (pdf, 3MB; hep-ph/0309238,pdf) L. Covi

14:45 Gamma Ray Astrophysics (pdf, 3,7MB) S. Ritz


Poster Session and Coffee

Searches for New Phenomena

Session Chair: H. Wahl

16:15 Direct Dark Matter Searches (pdf, 3MB; astro-ph/0310707,pdf) W. Seidel

17:00 - 17:45 Searches for New Particles at the Energy Frontier at Tevatron (pdf, 2,5MB; hep-ph/03108021,pdf ) P. Verdier

Public Lecture

Session Chair: T. Lohse

19:30 - 20:30 Elementarteilchen aus dem Kosmos (Abendvortrag) (zip, 93,6MB) W. Hofmann

June 27
Flavour Physics

Session Chair: A. Stahl

9:00 Measurement of Angle beta and BB-bar Mixing (pdf, 670KB; hep-ex/03088072,pdf ) K. Abe

9:30 Measurement of Angle alpha and Rare Hadronic B Decays (pdf, 2,4MB) Y. Pan

10:00 Probing the Standard Model with Electroweak Penguin B Decays (pdf, 1MB; hep-ex/0309047,pdf ) S. Dasu

10:30 Measurement of CKM Elements and the Unitary Triangle (pdf, 2MB; hep-ex/0308060,pdf ) B. Golob

11:00 Poster Session and Coffee

Session Chair: J. Appel

11:45 B, LambdaB and Charm Results from the Tevatron (ppt, 4,2MB; hep-ex/0309005,pdf ) F. Azfar

12:15 New Perspectives for B-Physics from the Lattice (pdf, 500KB; hep-ph/0309320,pdf ) R. Sommer

13:00 Lunch

Session Chair: F. Fabbri

14:15 New Results in Kaon Physics from NA48 and KTeV (pdf, 3,8MB; hep-ex/0309078,pdf ) R. Wanke

15:00 - 15:30 Recent Results on Light Mesons Physics (pdf, 780KB; hep-ex/0308046,pdf) C. Bini

16:00 Departure, Visit of the Solar Observatory 'Einstein-Tower'

19:30 Conference Dinner

June 28

Session Chair: U. Heintz

9:00 Observation of New Narrow Ds States (pdf, 800KB; hep-ex/0309028,pdf) A. Palano

9:30 Heavy Quarkonia Spectroscopy and Decays (pdf, 760KB; hep-ex/0309015,pdf) H. Mahlke-Krüger

10:15 Heavy Ion Physics (ppt, 9,9MB; hep-ex/0310025,pdf) R. Snellings

11:00 Coffee Break

Session Chair: B. Naroska

11:30 Heavy Flavour Production with Leptons and Hadrons (pdf, 880KB; hep-ex/0308075,pdf ) M. Wing

12:15 Quarkonia Production with Leptons and Hadrons (pdf, 9,3 MB) V. Papadimitriou

13:00 Lunch

Session Chair: B. Foster

13:45 Jet Physics at the Tevatron (pdf, 2,9MB; hep-ex/0309003,pdf ) I. Bertram

14:15 Hard Processes in ep Scattering (pdf, 1,2MB; hep-ex/0310010,pdf) H. Schultz-Coulon

15:00 QCD at e+ e- Experiments (pdf, 1MB; hep-ex/0309062,pdf) K. Hamacher


Coffee Break

Electroweak Precision Physics

Session Chair: R. Voss

16:15 Top and Electroweak Physics from Tevatron (pdf, 3MB; hep-ex/0310057,pdf) M. Kruse

17:00 W Physics at LEP (ppt, 2,5MB; hep-ex/0309066,pdf) E. Barberio

17:30 g-2 (pdf, 2,3MB; hep-ex/0309008,pdf ) E. Sichtermann

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