Higgs and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

Conveners: H. Logan, T. Barklow, S. Heinemeyer, A. Raspereza, Y. Gao, Y. Okada
  Title Speaker Talk Paper ArXiv
Hig01 SM and BSM Higgs searches by D0 Aurelio Juste talk paper  
Hig02 Different vacua in 2HDM Ilya Ginzburg talk paper  
Hig03 A new framework to investigate the THDM Markos Maniatis talk paper  
Hig04 The charged Higgs boson at LEP: Towards the final combination Pierre Lutz talk paper  
Hig05 Higgs self coupling measurement Tim Barklow talk paper  
Hig06 Higgs self coupling measurement Djamel Boumediene talk paper arXiv
Hig07 Effects of polarization on study of anomalous $VVH$ interactions at a Linear Collider Rohini Godbole talk paper arXiv
Hig08 Profile of 2HDM parameter space Per Osland talk paper arXiv
Hig09 The charged Higgs boson mass in the 2HDM: decoupling and CP violation Maria Krawczyk talk paper arXiv
Hig10 Searching for the Higgs with CDF Victoria Martin talk paper  
Hig11 Precision calculations for H -> WW/ZZ -> 4fermions with PROPHECY4F Stefan Dittmaier talk paper arXiv
Hig12 FeynHiggs for the ILC Sven Heinemeyer talk paper arXiv
Hig13 Prospects to Measure the Higgs Boson Mass and Cross Section in e+e- --> ZH Using the Recoil Mass Spectrum Martin Ohlerich talk paper arXiv
Hig14 A Natural Nightmare for the LHC? Thomas Underwood talk paper  
Hig15 Higgs at ATLAS with 1, 10, 30 fb^-1 Rosy Nikolaidou talk paper  
Hig16 Light pseudoscalars in Little Higgs Models at the ILC Juergen Reuter talk paper arXiv
Hig17 New physics effect on the top-Yukawa coupling at ILC Koji Tsumura talk paper arXiv
Hig18 Higgs at CMS with 1, 10, 30 fb^-1 Sara Bolognesi talk paper  
Hig19 CP-violating Loop Effects in the Higgs Sector of the MSSM Georg Weiglein talk paper arXiv
Hig20 A Study of e+e- -> HA Production at 1TeV and the Constrains on Dark Matter Density Marco Battaglia talk paper arXiv

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