Summer Student Programme 2009
@ DESY-Zeuthen



Welcome Party & Group photos.

Lecture materials

Karl Jansen Opening Session talk
Stephan Wiesand Computing in Zeuthen day 1, day 2
Thomas Naumann Introduction to High Energy Physics lecture
U. Gensch Introduction to DESY
Sven-Olaf Moch LHC Theory day 1, day 2
D. Renner Introduction to Lattice QCD
Wolfgang Lohmann Electroweak Physics
W. Decking Accelerator Physics talk
M. Krasilnikov High Brightness Electron Beams talk
F. Stephan Photon-Injector-Test-Stand-Zeuthen and XFEL
S. Roth Expeeriments with Synchrotron radiation
Ulrich Husemann LHC Experiment talk
C. Spiering A walk through cosmology talk
Pratik Majumdar Astroparticle Physics day 1, day 2
R. Treusch Flash talk

Student Reports