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Some Photos :

Welcome party: Photo1, Photo2, Photo3, Photo4, Photo5, Photo6, Photo7, Photo8, Photo9, Photo10 Photo11 Photo12, Photo13 Photo14

Group photos: Group1 Group2 Group3 Group4

Student Reports :

  • K.Adamiak, R.Kuiper: Schwinger Model
  • S.Armirian: Investigations towards an optical transmission line for longitudinal phase space measurements at PITZ
  • S.Arsenijevic: Simulation of positron production with EGS4 and GEANT4
  • E.Burnaev: Impact of the photo cathode laser temporal modulation onto longitudinal phase space
  • F.Haas: Approximation of the order Alpha^2 Drell-Yan correction terms Delta(2)
  • I.Hailperin: High performance computing on small Linux clusters
  • S.Klein: Heavy flavor coefficient function at LO QCD in the limit Q2 >> m2
  • H.Paukkunen: Compton scattering for the measurement of the beam energy at the ILC
  • S.Stephan: Photoelectronic current measurements of the photocathodes at PITZ
  • S.Suckow: Measurements of CVD diamond properties for the ILC forward beam calorimeter
  • Y.Tsalkou: The DESY cosmic rau trigger telescope simulation with CORSIKA
  • M.Volkmann: The backward silicon tracker and deep inelastic scattering at H1
  • C.William: Determination of the average sensitivity of AMANDA optical modules

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