SUSY Particles

Conveners: H. Baer, G. Wilson, A. Djouadi, J. List, S. Youl Choi, K. Fujii
  Title Speaker Talks Paper ArXiv
SUS01 The muon magnetic moment and SUSY Dominik Stockinger talk paper arXiv
SUS02 Determining Heavy Mass Parameters in SUSY SO(10) Frank Deppisch talk paper arXiv
SUS03 Detection of long-lived staus and gravitinos at the ILC Hans-Ulrich Martyn talk paper arXiv
SUS04 Physics impact of polarized beams at the ILC Gudrid Moortgat-Pick talk paper arXiv
SUS05 Polarization aspects in radiative neutralino production Olaf Kittel talk paper arXiv
SUS06 How light can the lightest neutralino be? Olaf Kittel talk paper arXiv
SUS07 Determination of mu in LCC4 in Full Simulation Marco Battaglia talk paper arXiv
SUS08 Monte Carlo Simulations of NLO Chargino Production at the ILC Tania Robens talk paper arXiv
SUS09 One-loop corretions to chargino decays Krzysztof Rolbiecki talk paper arXiv
SUS10 Polarization-independent CP-odd Observable in e+e- Chargino Production at One Loop Per Osland talk paper arXiv
SUS11 CP Violation in SUSY Particle Production and Decay Stefan Hesselbach talk paper arXiv
SUS12 Interplay of Electroweak Precision Observables and B Physics Observables Sven Heinemeyer talk paper arXiv
SUS13 About the Running and Decoupling in the MSSM Luminita Mihaila talk paper arXiv
SUS14 Off-Shell and Interference Effects for SUSY Particle Production Juergen Reuter talk paper arXiv
SUS15 Dark Matter in the U(1) Extended SUSY Jan Kalinowski talk paper arXiv
SUS16 Precision measurement of a Particle Mass at the Linear Collider Caroline Milstene talk paper arXiv
SUS17 Breaking degeneracies in the MSSM - inverting the LHC with the ILC JoAnne L. Hewett talk paper arXiv
SUS18 LHC/ILC interplay for challenging SUSY scenarios Gudrid Moortgat-Pick talk paper arXiv
SUS19 Distinguishing SUSY scenarios using tau polarisation and ~chi0(1) Dark Matter Rohini Godbole talk paper arXiv

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