Calorimetry and Muons

Conveners: R. Frey, J. Blazey, F. Sefkow, T. Takeshita, B.G. Cheon
  Title Speaker Talk Paper ArXiv

Calorimeter I: RPCs and Muons

Cal01 Digital Hadron Calorimeter with RPCs Jose Repond talk paper arXiv
Cal02 Development of GEM Based Digital Hadron Calorimeter Jaehoon Yu talk paper arXiv
Cal03 Status of DHCAL R&D in Europe Vladimir Ammosov talk paper arXiv
Cal04 Muon Identification without Iron John Hauptman talk paper arXiv
Cal05 Photosensor Options for Dual-Readout Calorimetry in the 4th Concept Aldo Penzo talk paper arXiv

Calorimeter II: Photosensors and Electronics

Cal06 First results of systematic sudies done with different types of Silicon Photomultipliers Ekaterina Kuznetsova talk paper arXiv
Cal07 Beam Test of Scintillation Tiles with MPPC Readout Sandro Calcaterra talk paper arXiv
Cal08 MPPC and Scintillator Readout Uriel Nauenberg talk paper arXiv
Cal09 Preliminary Scintillator and Solid-State Photomultoplier Direct Coupling Tests Gerald Blazey talk paper arXiv
Cal10 Study of MPPC Performance for the GLD Calorimeter Readout Satoru Uozumi talk paper arXiv
Cal11 Comparison of different Multipixel Geiger Photo Diodes and Tile-Photodetector couplings Mikhail Danilov talk paper arXiv
Cal12 R&D for a 2nd generation AHCAL prototype Mathias Reinecke talk paper arXiv
Cal13 ASIC Developments Christophe De La Taille talk paper arXiv
Cal14 LC Scintillator - based Muon Detector/Tail-catcher R&D Giovanni Pauletta talk paper arXiv

Calorimeter III: ECAL and FCAL

Cal15 A 10-bits pipeline ADC dedicated to the VFE Electronics of Si-W Ecal Laurent Royer talk paper arXiv
Cal16 A Silicon-Tungsten ECal with Integrated Electronics Raymond Frey talk paper arXiv
Cal17 Readout electronics for LumiCal detector Marek Idzik talk paper arXiv
Cal18 A MAPS-based Digital Electromagnetic Calorimeter for the ILC Anne-Marie Magnan talk paper arXiv

Calorimeter IV: ECAL and Test Beam Results

Cal19 Mechanical R&D for CALICE ELECTROMAGNETIC CALORIMETER Denis Pierre Grondin talk paper arXiv
Cal20 CALICE ECAL Analysis I Anne-Marie Magnan talk paper arXiv
Cal21 CALICE ECAL Analysis II Cristina Carloganu talk paper arXiv
Cal22 Preliminary Testbeam Results from the CALICE Tile Hadron Calorimeter Niels Meyer talk paper arXiv
Cal23 Tail Catcher and Combined Analysis Dhiman Chakraborty talk paper arXiv
Cal24 Scintillator+MPPC ECAL testbeam results Daniel Jeans talk paper arXiv
Cal25 DESY Beam Test Results of EM Calorimeter Prototype Donghee Kim talk paper arXiv

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