Conveners: G. Moortgat-Pick, S. Riemann
  Title Speaker Talks Paper ArXiv
Pol01 Polarization aspects in radiative neutralino production Olaf Kittel talk paper arXiv
Pol02 Incoherent pair background processes with full polarizations at the ILC Tony Hartin talk paper arXiv
Pol03 Spin dynamics in the ILC DR Larisa Malysheva talk paper arXiv
Pol04 Polarized Geant4 -- Applications at the ILC Andreas Schaelicke talk paper arXiv
Pol05 ILC Positron Production Target Simulation Vahagn Gharibyan talk paper arXiv
Pol06 The status of positron source development at Cornell Alexander Mikhailichenko talk paper arXiv
Pol07 Low Energy Positron Polarimeter for the ILC Ralph Dollan talk paper arXiv
Pol08 Proposal to modify the polarimeter chicane in the ILC 14 mrad extraction line Mike Woods talk paper arXiv

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