P 19.4. From Brussels to Zeuthen Speakers
1 ZEUS B. Löhr (DESY)
2 H1 T. Carli (MPI München)
3 QCD W. van Neerven (Leiden Univ.)
4 Spin R. Windmolders (Mons Univ.)
5 Tevatron C. Gerber (FNAL)
6 Near-and-Far Future DIS Experiments at Fermilab J.G. Morfín (FNAL)
W 20.4. Parallel sessions Convenors
1 Structure Functions E. Laenen (Thy) U. Bassler (H1)
A. Quadt (ZEUS) H. Schellman (D0)
2 Diffractive Interactions M. Diehl (Thy) D. Jansen (H1)
R. Brugnera (ZEUS) M. Albrow (CDF)
3 Hadronic Final States M. Cacciari (Thy) M. Weber (H1)
L. Sinclair (ZEUS) F. Chlebana (CDF)
4 Polarized Lepton Nucleon Scattering W. Vogelsang (Thy) M. Dueren (HERMES)
P 21.4. Future of DIS Speakers
7 The Future of HERA and DESY A. Wagner (DESY)
8 ep Physics beyond 2000 Y. Sirois (Polytechnique)
9 Future Small x Physics with ep and eA Collisions M. Strikman ( Penn State Univ.)
10 Future Physics with Polarized Protons at HERA D.v. Harrach (Univ. Mainz)
22.4. Parallel sessions (see 20.4.)
P 23.4. Summary session Speakers Talks
E. Laenen X
11 Report of the Working Group #1 U. Bassler
H. Schellman X
A. Quadt X
12.T Report of the Working Group #2 (Theory) M. Diehl X
12.E Report of the Working Group #2 (Experiment) D.M. Jansen, M. Albrow, and R. Brugnera X
13 Report of the Working Group #3 M. Cacciari X
M. Weber, L. Sinclair, and F. Chlebana X
14.T Report of the Working Group #4 (Theory) W. Vogelsang X
14.E Report of the Working Group #4 (Experiment) M. Dueren X
15 Summary of the Workshop E. Gabathuler (Liverpool Univ.) X

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