Quick reference guide Scientific Linux for DESY

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6. Mail

The DESY mail servers do not honor .forward files to influence the mail forwarding and processing. Commands like xbiff or vacation do not work. Mail forwarding can be configured using the central DESY registry. Mail filtering will usually be configured in the mail client, but the Zeuthen Mailserver allows for user defined server side filtering as well.

alpine [-h] [options] [address[es]] P
Mail (and NetNews) reader. The following options influence the startup:
-f folder open folder instead of INBOX
-F file open file and view with internal browser
-i start up in the folder index screen
-I keystrokes execute keystrokes on startup
-o start up with first folder in read only mode

An iconized xterm with running alpine can be used as xbiff replacement.
evolution [-c component] [--force-shutdown] PZ
Email and groupware program (Gnome). The mail component (like the other components calendar, contacts, tasks) can be started individually using -c mail. To stop all evolution related processes use --force-shutdown.  
KDE email client  
mail [-b bcc-addr] [-c cc-addr] [-s subject] to-addr[s] f
Send and receive mail. For compatibility with other systems mailx is a link to mail. Useful to send files and short messages from the command prompt or within scripts. The message is expected on STDIN (terminated by a single dot on a line or by EOF, that is CTRL-D in the shell)  
thunderbird P
mail (and news) reader of the Mozilla project.  

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