Quick reference guide Scientific Linux for DESY

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15. X window commands

Usually the different X11 applications are running under the control of a window manager, which decorates and handles the windows.

Today on many UNIX and Linux systems window managers come as part of a desktop environment. The two most powerful and popular desktop environments are KDE and Gnome, but more lightweight alternatives like icewm do exist as well. Each of the WM's has its own configuration mechanisms.

Most of the commands that require X to run are accessible from the (usually very well structured) WM menus and therefore not described here.

xcalc [-rpn] P
Scientific calculator for X. Emulate a TI-30 or with -rpn a HP-10C.  
xlock [options] P
Locks the local X display until a password is entered. Does also renew Kerberos Tickets and AFS Tokens.  
xmodmap [options] [file] Pf
utility for modifying keymaps and pointer button mappings in X
-n show but don't execute changes
-e expr execute expr
-pm print current modifier map
-pk print current keymap
-pke print current keymap in a form that xkeycaps understands
-pp print current pointer map
xterm [options] [-ls] [-e command [arg[s]]] P
terminal emulator for X. Runs command, by default the shell in a window. With -ls the shell will be a login shell. Most other options can be selected within the window (CTRL mouse button 1 .. 3). When using KDE or Gnome konsole or gnome-terminal may be superior alternatives.  

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