Top and QCD

Conveners: A. Juste, T. Teubner, R. Godbole
  Title Speaker Talks Paper ArXiv
Top01 NNNLO correction to the toponium and bottonium wave functions at the origin Yuichiro Kiyo talk paper arXiv
Top02 Recent advances at the top threshold: summation of logs and finite lifetime corrections Andre Hoang talk paper  
Top03 Towards a Monte Carlo Event Generator for ttbar production at threshold Filimon Gournaris talk paper  
Top04 Determination of the luminosity spectrum and total c.m. energy Stewart Boogert talk paper  
Top05 Scalar Tops from Morioka'95 to DESY'07 Andre Sopczak talk paper arXiv
Top06 Factorization Approach for Top Mass Reconstruction in the Continuum Andre Hoang talk paper arXiv
Top07 Single Top Quarks at a Linear Collider Edward Boos talk paper  
Top08 Probing CP properties of the Higgs boson via e+e- -> ttbar phi Rohini Godbole talk paper arXiv
Top09 Top anomalous couplings with LCFI Vertexing/b-Tagging Package Andrei Nomerotski talk paper
Top10 First results on e+e- -> 3jets at NNLO Thomas Gehrmann talk paper arXiv
Top11 BFKL resummation effects in exclusive production of rho meson pairs at the ILC Mathieu Segond talk paper arXiv

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