New Physics at TeV Scale and Precision Electroweak Studies

Conveners: J. Hewett, K. Moenig, G. Moreau, S. Raychaudhuri
  Title Speaker Talks Paper ArXiv
TeV01 Beam defelction effects on the Lumi measurement Cecile Rimbault talk paper  
TeV02 Two-loop Heavy Fermion Corrections to Bhabha scattering Tord Riemann talk paper  
TeV03 High-Precision Tests of the MSSM with GigaZ Georg Weiglein talk paper arXiv
TeV04 ILC Sensitivity on Generic New Physics in Quartic Gauge Couplings Juergen Reuter talk paper arXiv
TeV05 The Noncommutative Standard Model at the ILC Ana Alboteanu talk paper arXiv
TeV06 Prospects of Discovering a New Massless Neutral Gauge Boson at the ILC Juergen Schreiber talk paper  
TeV07 Anomalous couplings in gamma gamma --> W W Andreas von Manteuffel talk paper  
TeV08 LCFI Vertex Package: Precision Physics Opportunities with Heavy Flavour Ben Jeffery talk paper arXiv
TeV09 The ILC energy requirements from constraints on new boson production at the Tevatron Mihail Chizhov talk paper arXiv
TeV10 No Higgs at the LHC?! A case for the ILC Jochum van der Bij talk paper arXiv
TeV11 Discovery and Identification of Contactlike Interactions in Fermion-Pair Production at ILC Alexander Pankov paper arXiv

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