Loop Calculations

Conveners:D. Wackeroth, S. Dittmaier, Y. Yasui
  Title Speaker Talk Paper ArXiv
Loop01 New results for 5-point functions Tord Riemann talk paper arXiv
Loop02 Two-loop electroweak NLL corrections: from massless to massive fermions Bernd Jantzen talk paper arXiv
Loop03 Effective Theory Approach to W-Pair Production near Threshold Christian Schwinn talk paper arXiv
Loop04 Status report from the GRACE group Yoshiaki Yasui talk paper arXiv
Loop05 Tools for NNLO QCD calculations Thomas Gehrmann talk paper arXiv
Loop06 Perturbative Aspects of Top Mass Reconstruction Andre Hoang talk paper arXiv
Loop07 Higgs Production by Gluon initiated Weak Boson Fusion Marcus Weber talk paper arXiv
Loop08 Two loop O(G_F^2 m_t^4) correction to the Higgs decay into bottom quarks Mathias Butenschoen talk paper  
Loop09 Four loop QCD corrections and Master Integrals for the rho-Parameter Christian Sturm talk paper  
Loop10 Precise quark masses from sum rules Matthias Steinhauser talk paper arXiv
Loop11 On-shell renormalization constants including two different nonzero masses Dirk Seidel talk paper arXiv

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