• As a DFG research fellow, I have been working on the development of the Antarctic Ross Ice-Shelf ANtenna Neutrino Array (ARIANNA) to detect cosmogenic neutrinos through their radio emission.
  • LOFAR International Telescope
  • During my PhD research I have been working with the LOFAR radio telescope. This interferometric low-frequency array is used to study the sky at the lowest radio frequencies. It is also used to detect air showers from cosmic rays.
  • Pierre Auger Observatory
  • I have been working within the Pierre Auger Collaboration that runs the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina. The Pierre Auger Observatory has been built to detect the highest energy cosmic rays. From working with data from the Surface Dectector during my master project, I have shifted to the radio extension AERA during my PhD project.

Awards and Grants

  • DFG Emmy-Noether group at the HU Berlin and DESY Zeuthen, since 2018
  • DFG research fellowship for a two year postdoctoral research stay at the University of California Irvine, 2015-2018
  • Travel Grant from the Radboud University Internationalisation Fund (Conference travel and work visits), 2014
  • Travel grant from the LKBF (Conference travel), 2011
  • Karman award for oustanding effort for the univeristy and very good graduation (RWTH Aachen), 2010