Gamma Gamma, e-Gamma, e- e- Physics and Technology

Conveners:J. Gronberg, M. Velasco, M. Krawczyk, V. Telnov, E. Asakawa, K. Cheung
  Title Speaker Talks Paper ArXiv
gg01 H and A Discrimination using Linear Polarization of Photons at the PLC Aleksander Filip Zarnecki talk paper  
gg02 Charge asymmetry in gg -> m+ m- + n's / gg -> W m + n's, effect of photon non-chromaticity and p_trans dependence Ilya Ginzburg talk paper  
gg03 Anomalous Gamma Gamma Interaction Philip Yock talk paper  
gg04 Using JetWeb to tune Monte Carlo for hadronic backgrounds from gamma-gamma events at a linear collider James Monk talk paper  
gg05 Heavy neutral MSSM higgs bosons at the Photon Collider - a comparison of two analyses Maria Krawczyk talk paper  
gg06 Development of a pulse stacking cavity at KEK-ATF Tohru Takahashi talk paper  
gg07 Present status of the photon collider, what next? Valery Telnov talk paper  

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