Test Beam Contact

Conveners: M. Woods, J. Yu, F. Sefkow, K. Kawagoe

Working Group Talks

  Title Speaker Talks Paper ArXiv
TstB01 Overview on Test Beam Facilities Kiyotomo Kawagoe talk paper arXiv
TstB02 News from SLAC ESA Carsten Hast talk    
TstB03 Future Efforts for the ILC at Fermilab's Test Beam Erik Ramberg talk    
TstB04 Vertex Group Beam Test Requirements and the Commonalities with Tracking Laci Andricek talk    
TstB05 The test beam roadmap document:
TstB06 TPC R&D for an ILC Detector Ron Settles talk
TstB07 ILC Detector Testbeam Roadmap: Beam Instrumentation (BI) & Machine-Detector Interface (MDI) Michael Woods talk
TstB08 Calorimetry test beam Felix Sefkow talk
TstB09 Notable requests at the workshop Roman Poeschl talk
TstB10 Test Beam Needs for ILC Tracking Systems Marcel Demarteau talk

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