Curriculum Vitae

1948:          born in Perleberg, East Germany

1966-71:     Study of Physics, Humboldt University Berlin

1971-74:     PhD student, Humboldt University and Institut für Hochenergiephysik (IfH), Zeuthen          

1974:          Dissertation on hadronic interaction in bubble chambers

1974-78:     Postdoc at JINR Dubna , USSR , particle detector construction and study of hadron-nucleus interactions in a streamer chamber in Serpukhov/USSR

1979-2013:  ** Scientific staff member IfH, since 1992 DESY **  

1979-1982:  Study of hadron-nucleus interactions

1982-1988:  Work on construction, commissioning and data analysis of a  neutrino calorimeter in Serpukhov, USSR

1986-1989:  Search for axions with spark chamber data taken at PSI

1986-1988:  Search for solar periodicities in myocenic tree rings

since 1988:  ** Astroparticle physics **

1988-2008:  Lake Baikal neutrino telescope

1995-2009:  AMANDA neutrino telescope

since 1999:  Tunka air shower array

since 2000:  IceCube neutrino telescope

1988-2005 and 2007-2009:  Head of the Zeuthen astroparticle group

2009-2013:  Head of the Zeuthen IceCube group

1990-2000:  Deputy Head for Research in IfH Zeuthen, later DESY/Zeuthen

2003-2011:  Deputy Speaker of the Helmholtz programme “Astroparticle  Physics”

1997-2005:  AMANDA European Co-Spokesman

2005-2007:  IceCube Spokesman

2011-2014:  Topic Coordinator "Non-thermal Universe" of the Helmholtz Alliance for Particle Physics, HAP

2007-2013:  Ex-officio member of the IceCube Executive Committee

2014-2017:  Chair of the Global Neutrino Network GNN

Awards and Fellowships:

2001:          DESY Communication Price

2006:          Markov Price of the Russian Academy of Sciences

since 2014:  Senior Fellow of the Helmholtz Alliance for Astroparticle Physics

since 2015:  Visiting Professor at the Moscow Engineering-Physics Institute

2017:          O’Ceallaigh Medal of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies