Conferences and seminars

The variable gamma-ray sky: Observing astrophysical accelerators in real time
Ginzburg Centennial, 2017, Moscow (pdf, odp)

Synergies between the Cherenkov Telescope Array and eASTROGAM
eASTROGAM workshop, 2017, Padova (pdf, odp)

Introduction to Magnetohydrodynamics
Physics Colloquium, 2016, Zeuthen (pdf, odp)

The imprint of pulsar parameters on the morphology of Pulsar Wind Nebulae
Forum for Astrophysics, 2016, Sant Cugat (pdf, odp)

Magnetic dissipation in the Crab Nebula
Gentner colloquium, 2015, MPIK Heidelberg (pdf, odp, movie)

Our Milky Way in gamma rays
University of Geneva seminar, 2015, Geneva (pdf, odp)

Particle acceleration observed in gamma rays
TeVPa, 2015, Kashiwanoha (pdf, odp)

Space based gamma-ray astronomy
Rapporteur talk at the ICRC 2015, The Hague (pdf, odp)

The Zoo of Galactic Particle Accelerators
TeVPA, 2014, Amsterdam (pdf, odp, movie: ogg / mp4)

The Crab pulsar and its nebula: Surprises in gamma-rays
Physics Colloquium, 2014, University of Delaware (pdf, odp, movies: 1 2)

The Large Area Telescope on board the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
IFT Dark Matter Tools Workshop, 2013, Valencia (pdf, odp)

The detection of the Extragalactic Background Light and the Pion Bump of Super Novae Remnants
Humboldt University Research Seminar, 2013, Berlin (pdf, odp)

Search for transient gamma-ray emission in our Galaxy
IRAP Seminar, 2012, Toulouse (pdf, odp)

Gamma-ray flares from the Crab nebula: A new astrophysical puzzle
Berkley Astronomy Department Colloquium, 2011, Berkeley (pdf, odp, movies: 1 2 3)

Measuring polarization at gamma-rays with Fermi
Scineghe, 2010, Trieste (pdf, odp)

Discovery of a GeV blazar shining through the galactic plane
Scineghe, 2010, Trieste (pdf, odp, movie: ogg mpg)

Cosmic-ray iron and electron detection with H.E.S.S.
Stanford Astrophysics Colloquium, 2010, Palo Alto (pdf, odp)

Two exceptional γ-ray flares of PKS 2155-304 and their implications on blazar and fundamental physics
Stanford KIPAC Tea, 2008, Palo Alto (pdf , odp)

Probing Lorentz Invariance with a VHE-Flare of PKS 2155-304
Gamma08, 2008, Heidelberg (pdf , odp)

Highlights of recent AGN observations at VHE gamma-rays with H.E.S.S.
COSPAR 2008, Montreal (pdf , odp)


The Violent Universe
Schuehlerlabor, 2015, DESY Zeuthen (pdf, odp, movie)

DESY and Life as a Scientist
DPG mentoring program, 2014, DPG Haus Berlin (pdf, odp)