For a full publication list see here.

I am first or corresponding author for the articles listed below.

The second catalog of flaring gamma-ray sources from the Fermi All-sky Variability Analysis
Abdollahi et al., ApJ 846 1, 2017. See also: FAVA monitor and FSSC web page.

The imprint of pulsar parameters on the morphology of Pulsar Wind Nebulae
Buehler and Giomi, MNRAS 462 3, 2016.

The surprising Crab pulsar and its nebula: A review
Buehler and Blandford, RPPh 77 6, 2014. See also the video abstract (ogg / mp4).

Rapid Gamma-Ray Flux Variability during the 2013 March Crab Nebula Flare
Mayer, Buehler et al., ApJL 775 2, 2013

The Fermi All-sky Variability Analysis: A list of flaring gamma-ray sources and the search for transients in our Galaxy
Ackermann et al., ApJ 771 1, 2013

The Imprint of The Extragalactic Background Light in the Gamma-Ray Spectra of Blazars
Ackermann et al., Science 338 1190-1192, 2012

Gamma-ray Activity in the Crab Nebula: The Exceptional Flare of April 2011
Buehler et al., ApJ 749 26, 2012

Gamma-ray flares from the Crab Nebula
Abdo et al., Science 331 739-742, 2011

Discovery of a GeV Blazar Shining Through the Galactic Plane
Vandenbroucke, Buehler et al., ApJL 718 166, 2010

Simultaneous multiwavelength observations of the second exceptional γ-ray flare of PKS 2155-304 in July 2006
Aharonian et al.,  A&A 502 3, 2009

Limits on an Energy Dependence of the Speed of Light from a Flare of the Active Galaxy PKS 2155-304
Aharonian et al., PRL 101 17, 2008

First ground-based measurement of atmospheric Cherenkov light from cosmic rays
Aharonian et al., PRD 75 4, 2007

Some other papers I participated in are listed below.

Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
Acharya et al., arXiv:1709.07997, 2017

Fermi Observations of the LIGO Event GW170104
Goldstein et al., ApJL 846 , 2017

Multiwavelength follow-up of a rare IceCube neutrino multiplet
Aartsen et al., A&A 607, 2017

GammaLib and ctools: A software framework for the analysis of astronomical gamma-ray data
Knoedlseder et al., A&A 593, 2016

Characterization of the Inner Knot of the Crab: The Site of the Gamma-ray Flares?
Rudy et al., ApJ 811 1, 2015

The variability of the Crab nebula in radio: no radio counterpart to gamma-ray flares
Bietenholz, Yuan, Buehler et al., MNRAS 446 1, 2015

Systematic search for high-energy gamma-ray emission from bow shocks of runaway stars
Schulz, Ackermann, Buehler et al., A&A 565, 2014

Chandra, Keck, and VLA Observations of the Crab Nebula during the 2011-April Gamma-Ray Flare
Weisskopf et al., ApJ 765 1 , 2013

Some conference procedings are listed below.

Estimate of the Fermi Large Area Telescope sensitivity to gamma-ray polarization
Giomi, Buehler et al., AIP proceedings, 2016

Status of space-based gamma-ray astronomy
Buehler, PoS(ICRC2015)017, 2015

Unique TeV Flares of PKS 2155-304 in July 2006
Buehler, IJMP D 17 9, 2008

Book Chapters

Modelling Jets, Tori and Flares in Pulsar Wind Nebulae
Porth, Buehler et al., Jets and Winds in Pulsar Wind Nebulae, Gamma-ray Bursts and Blazars: Physics of Extreme Energy Release, Space Science Reviews, 2017

Supernova of 1054 and Its Remnant, the Crab Nebula
Blandford and Buehler, Handook of Supernovae, Springer International Publishing, 2016


Two exceptional flares of the active galaxy PKS 2155-304 at Very High Energy γ-rays and their implications on blazar and fundamental physics
PhD thesis

Detection of heavy nuclei in the cosmic-ray radiation with H.E.S.S.
Diploma thesis (German)