Cosmology - WS 2013/14

Lecture notes and exercises

Lecture 1: slides (Intro and Newton Universe)
Lecture 2: slides (General Relativity and the curved Universe)
Lecture 3: slides (The cosmic distance ladder)
Lecture 4: slides (Cosmological models and LCDM)
Lecture 5: slides (Evidence for dark matter)
Lecture 6: slides (Dark energy SN Ia and discovery of the CMB)
Lecture 7: slides (CMB temperature fluctuations)
Lecture 8: slides (Primordial Nucleosynthesis)
Lecture 9: slides (Early Universe & particle physics)
Lecture 10: slides (Summary & Inflation)
Lecture 11: slides (Inflation & Structure formation)
Lecture 12: slides (Structure formation)
Lecture 13: By Stephane Vincent on Dark matter
Lecture 14: slides / movie (Work at DESY and scientific life)

Exercise 1: sheet
Exercise 2: sheet
Exercise 3: sheet
Exercise 4: sheet
Exercise 5: sheet  (optional problem sheet over Christmas)
Exercise 6: sheet


This lecture will give an introduction to the current cosmological model
and the observations which lead to it. The covered topics will include:
  • The Universe describes with Newton
  • Introduction to general relativity and the curved Universe
  • The cosmic microwave background
  • Large scale structure in the Universe
  • Dark matter and dark energy
Where and when?

Lecture: Weekly Thursdays 17-19 in NEW 15 2'102 (24), 
begin 17.10
Exercises: Bi-weekly Wednesday 17-19 in NEW 14 1'10 (16)
, begin 30.10


The lectures will mostly be based on the following books:
  • Barbara Ryden “Introduction to cosmology”
  • Matt Roos “Introduction to cosmology”
  • George Ellis "Relativistic Cosmology"
  • Stephen Serjeant “Observational cosmology”

More information can be found here

Contact info:
  • Rolf Buehler, rolf.buehler [a]
  • Stephane Vincent, stephane.vincent [a]