I am an astronomer working at DESY in Zeuthen. I am fascinated by extreme objects in the sky, as neutron stars or black holes. The environment around these sources allows us to test conditions which can often not be replicated on Earth. One special focus has been studying the Crab Pulsar Wind Nebula , the remnant of a supernova explosion observed in 1054 AD. Particles are accelerated to extreme energies in its plasma wind. I am also interested in cosmology and astronomical tests of fundamental physics.


10-2019 The ULTRASAT camera development started (DESY news, Twitter video)
08-2017 The 2FAV catalog of flaring gamma-ray sources appeared (DESY news)
01-2017 The Crab nebula chapter in the Handbook of Supernovae appeared (link)
02-2016 The FAVA all-sky gamma-ray monitor went online (link / article)
08-2015 Rapporteur talk on space based gamma-ray astronomy at the International Cosmic-Ray Conference (slides / proceeding)
05-2014 Video of galactic gamma-ray sources for the TeVPA conference (ogg / mp4)
03-2014 Video abstract for review on the Crab pulsar and nebula (ogg / mp4)
03-2013 Received Shakti P. Duggal award (DESY news)
From Blazars Back To The First Stars, With Particle Astrophysics (KIPAC news)
11-2011 NASA’s Fermi Spots Superflares in the Crab Nebula (NASA press release)
05-2011 Astronomical picture of the day on the flaring Crab nebula (APOD)
07-2011 Hiccup in the cosmos (Radio interview - german)
01-2011 Fermi’s Large Area Telescope Sees Surprising Flares in Crab Nebula (SLAC press release)


Rolf Buehler
DESY Zeuthen
Platanenallee 6
15738 Zeuthen, Germany

rolf.buehler at
+49 (0)33762 7 7249