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Supporting files

"The QCD form factor of heavy quarks at NNLO"
J. Gluza, A. Mitov, S. Moch, T. Riemann, arXiv:0905.1137v1 [hep-ph] (7 May 2009): 2 supporting files

Tools for loop calculations

The numerical predictions often are based on perturbative calculations in the Standard Model (or in other scenarios), including virtual higher order quantum corrections. These perturbative calculations are quite complicated and rely more and more on Computer Algebra Systems (CAS). Here are some links to CAS we are using or we simply would like to draw some attention to:

aITALC (A. Lorca, T. Riemann)

AMBRE (K. Kajda, J. Gluza, T. Riemann); see also the CAPP 2007 lecture

DIANA (M. Tentyukov, J. Fleischer)

FF (G. van Oldenborgh)

FORM (J. Vermaseren)

hexagon [30 Sep 2008] hexagon.m v. 1.0 (19 Sep 2008) is a Mathematica package for the calculation of tensor Feynman integrals.
It is part of the project described in: J. Fleischer, T. Diakonidis, J. Gluza, K. Kajda, T. Riemann, B. Tausk, arXiv:0807.2984.

LoopTools (T. Hahn)

MB (M. Czakon)

Qgraf (J. Nogueira)

XSUMMER (S. Moch, P. Uwer)

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