will be published as a volume of Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl.)
Editors: J. Blümlein and T. Riemann

The Proceedings Volume was accepted by Elsevier Science and will appear as Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) Vol. 79
in October 1999. The History of paper submission is to find here.

Message at the time of the workshop:
We encourage all speakers to possibly submit their paper already shortly after the workshop as a uufile
(you find a script to produce an uufile here) - containing:

Here you may find the style file (9 kB) and an example tex file (10 kB),
both as an uudecoded file (15 kB) and an example ps file (182 kB).

Changes in style files are not allowed and will not be referred to. We would like to notify all authors that the following demand of Elsevier Science B.V. is part of the contract:

The Editors will inform the Authors that papers will not be accepted if they have been published elsewhere, or are expected to be published elsewhere.
Please make sure, that upon 1st submission your article is complete and no further changes are needed. Those changes are usually very time consuming and lead to additional work of our secretaries, which we would like to avoid. A submitted contribution can only be considered to be finite if all technical requirements are met. The use of modified style-files or text-parts acting in a similar way not being in full accordance with the publisher's requirements will be ignored completely in processing the article by the editors. All eventual changes have to be performed by the authors. A contribution will only be accepted if it arrives in FINAL FORM before deadline.

All speakers have been informed about the number of pages being allocated to their contribution via e-mail. We encourage early submission of the contributions. In cases this is going to be possible authors may submit even before DIS99.

The contributions should contain a latex-file, the eps- or ps-files of the figures and a bound ps-file of the complete article. All files should be bound using uufiles and be submitted via e-mail to

The subject line of the e-mail shall refer to the working group and number of the talk as e.g.: WG3-1 for the first talk in working group 3 etc (see the programme page for the number of your talk).

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