[Launch] Universal Slow Control Client

The new universal slow control solution is going to be established at PITZ.

As first step, the former analogue JAI camera slow control solution was deinstalled and is superseded now by universal slow control solution on July 23, 2009.

Universal slow control is meant to replace all slightly different but comparable camera slow control software(s) by a more general approach of slow control. Step by step also Prosilica and Jai/Pulnix will be integrated in the new setup later on.

During initial introduction phase (next weeks / months) with some little restrictions you have to live. For example you have to choose a proper server at startup of Universal Slow Control Client (where the camera you want to control is connected to) instead of directly choosing one camera port out of a list of all available camera ports. This is work in progress and just not ready yet.

Please consult the following table:

Group Camera Description
SlowConLaser LaserFarField Laser far field
SlowConLaser LaserNearField Laser near field
SlowConLaser StreakCamRoom Streak camera room
SlowConTunnel VC1 #
SlowConTunnel Low.Scr2 #
SlowConTunnel Disp1.Scr1 #
SlowConTunnel Disp2.Scr1 #
SlowConTunnel High2.Scr1 #
SlowConTunnel Disp3.Scr1 #
SlowConTunnel High2.Scr3 #
SlowConTunnel High1.Scr2 #

In case of comments, questions, bug reports, concerns whatever please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you in advance for cooperation.