Day 2 - Exercise Processes and Particles

Geant4 and Calorimetry in HEP



The setup is defined in the first exercise of the day and consists of a single box containing 10 sandwich layers of 5mm Lead and 10mm Scintillator (z direction). 10 interaction lengths wide and long. The x and y dimensions are 50 cm.



Exercise 2.4.1 : Access to particles and processes

        Idle> /particle/list
        Idle> /particle/select gamma
        Idle> /particle/property/dump
        Idle> /particle/process/dump
        Idle> /particle/select e-
        Idle> /particle/property/dump
        Idle> /particle/process/dump
        Idle> /particle/select e+
        Idle> /particle/property/dump
        Idle> /particle/process/dump

Exercise 2.4.2 : Study ASCII tracking verbosity output

        Idle> /gun/particle e+
        Idle> /gun/energy 100 MeV
        Idle> /tracking/verbose 1
        Idle> /run/beamOn 1

Exercise 2.4.3 : Add the Muon particle

Exercise 2.4.4 : Measure the Muon lifetime - Add a Muon Decay process

Exercise 2.4.5 : Stopp high-energy muons - Add Energy Loss processes

Exercise 2.4.6 (advanced): Decay with Polarisation

Exercise 2.4.7 (advanced) : Measure the Lande-factor

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