Day 2 - Exercise Geant4 Materials

Geant4 and Calorimetry in HEP


Learn how to create and use a materials


In this exercise you will be asked to create the material used for the electromagnetic calorimeter of the exercise. The relevant method to look at is in DetectorConstruction::DefineMaterials()

Look at the code there in file src/ , the line

G4cout<<*(G4Material::GetMaterialTable()) <<G4endl;

added at the end of the function prints the list of known materials.


Hint - Deactivate Qt UI

Activate the vanilla Geant4 interface for this exercise.
	% unset G4UI_USE_QT
        % unset G4UI_USE_XM
as we are mainly looking to the text output.

Exercise 2.2.1 - Simple Elements

Exercise 2.2.2 - Element with Isotopes

Exercise 2.2.3 - Materials I

Exercise 2.2.4 - Materials II (optional)

Define Water as a material made of 2 atoms of Element Hydrogen (H) and 1 atom of Element Oxygen (O)

Exercise 2.2.5 - Nist Materials

Defining Materials using Geant4 NIST DataBase

Exercise 2.2.6 - Materials III (optional)

Assign now the implemented materials to the corresponding logical volumes.

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