Day2 - Exercise Geometry

Geant4 and Calorimetry in HEP


The goal of this exercise is to learn the basics about


A gamma beam of 10 GeV is directed in positive z-direction.

The setup consists of a single box containing 10 sandwich layers of 5mm Lead and 10mm Scintillator (z direction). The x and y dimensions are 50 cm.

Three "Tooling Balls" are placed on top.



For background information see User's Guide for Application Developer (section 2.2) :

Exercise 2.1.1 - Geometry definition I

Create the main volume of the Calorimeter (CalorBox) and fill with air

Exercise 2.1.2 - Geometry definition II

(look for Task 3-5 in

Create a Lead and a Scintillator layer in a virtual envelope layer

Exercise 2.1.3 - Geometry definition III

Now we "replicate" the envelope layer 10 times inside "logicCalorBox"

Hints 2.1.4: Help & Visualisation

Exercise 2.1.5 (optional) - Geometry definition IV

Make Union-Solid between a cylinder and a Sphere to implement a kind of tooling balls on top of the calorimeter box.

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