Day 1 - Exercises on Electromagnetic shower development


Study 10 GeV electron showers in a lead - liquid Argon (lAr) sandwich calorimeter with dlead = 2 mm and dsci = 3 mm; shower axis perpendicular to sandwich plates. Increase the number of layers to 100.


Run the prepared application


Exercise L1.1

What is the radiation length of such a sandwich? What is the moliere radius?

Note: This is a paper exercise.

Exercise L1.2

Determine the resolution the sandwich. How does it change when vary the radiator thickness d_lead from 1 to 5 mm.

About 20 events should be sufficient.

Exercise L1.3

Determine the shower maximum for electron showers from 10 and 100 GeV? You may consider to make a fit (use function 'longo').

Hint: You need only 5-10 events.

Exercise L1.4 (optional)

Study the resolution as a function of lateral leakage: assume a calorimeter boundary as a plane parallel to the shower axis with perpendicular distance between 2.0 and 0.0 Moliere radii.

Exercise L1.5 (optional)

Study the resolution as a function of longitudinal leakage: Assume a calorimeter depth of tmax +0.0 to tmax +15.0 radiation lengths and discuss the shape of the distributions.

You change the length of the calorimeter by changing the number of layers.

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