DESY in Zeuthen - Message of the Day

Wednesday, 14.Jun 2017
- TeX Live 2017, Mathematica 11.1, Matlab R2017a and IDL 8.6 available The software packages were installed for EL6 and EL7 and can be used after loding the right module file, e.g. 'module add texlive/2017'

Wednesday, 21.Jun 2017
- maintenance on the notebook registration server from 8:00 - 8:30 for an important security upgrade

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Tuesday, 27.Jun 2017
10:00 D. Naumann: Arizona der Aufbau eines Teleskops (DESY) Ort: DESY, Standort Zeuthen, Seminarraum 3

Wednesday, 28.Jun 2017
15:00 F. Canelli: Exploring new Physics with Top Quarks (University of Zurich) Ort: DESY, Standort Zeuthen, Seminarraum 3

Thursday, 29.Jun 2017
16:00 R. Roentsch: A Guided Tour through an NNLO Subtraction Scheme (KIT) Ort: Institut fuer Physik, Newtonstrasse 15, Raum 1'421

Friday, 30.Jun 2017
10:00 A. Lemiere: Galactic Center Ridge Emission (APC) Ort: DESY, Standort Zeuthen, Seminarraum 1