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12.4 mkfifo: Make FIFOs (named pipes)

mkfifo creates FIFOs (also called named pipes) with the specified names. Synopsis:

     mkfifo [option] name...

A FIFO is a special file type that permits independent processes to communicate. One process opens the FIFO file for writing, and another for reading, after which data can flow as with the usual anonymous pipe in shells or elsewhere.

The program accepts the following option. Also see Common options.

-m mode
Set the mode of created FIFOs to mode, which is symbolic as in chmod and uses ‘a=rw’ (read and write allowed for everyone) for the point of departure. mode should specify only file permission bits. See File permissions.
-Z context
Set the default SELinux security context to be used for created FIFOs.

An exit status of zero indicates success, and a nonzero value indicates failure.