Quick reference guide Scientific Linux for DESY

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19. Backup and archiving

Backups of important data are done regularly. The backup frequency and the parts of the filesystems that are backed up are agreed between the users and computer center personnel. Backups are available for limited time only, archiving of data (permanently) is done on request only.

arcx recover [-h] [-n] [-d|-v] [YYYYMMDD] volume NZ
arcx recover [-h] [-n] [-d|-v] [YYYYMMDD] [volume] file  
Recover a whole AFS volume or a file from backup with backup date YYYYMMDD. Implemented for TSM backup (Zeuthen) only. The option -h gives more help, -n does not actually recover but show what would be done. -d and -v increase the verbosity.  
dsm LH
Backup and restore files with Tivoli Storage Manager (GUI). The dsm_afs command is for files in AFS space. The command requires additional privileges and may not be accessible to ordinary users. In that case the user consulting office (UCO) has to be contacted.  
dsmc [subcommand filespec] LH
dsmc_afs [subcommand filespec]  
Backup and restore files with Tivoli Storage Manager (CLI). If subcommand and filespec is given then the subcommand is executed, otherwise a user dialog is started.