1st Meeting
"Measurement of Singly Polarized Nucleon-Nucleon Collisions at HERA",
PNPI, Gatchina, Juli 4-5, 1994.
2nd Meeting
"Possible Measurements of Singly Polarized pp and pn Collisions at HERA",
DESY-IfH, Zeuthen, August 31 - September 1, 1995.
Proceedings of the 2nd Meeting - Internal DESY-Zeuthen Report 95-05,
Ed. by H.Böttcher and W.-D. Nowak.
3rd Meeting
"Prospects of Nucleon-Nucleon Spin Physics at HERA",
JINR, Dubna, June 28-29, 1996.
Proceedings of the 3rd Meeting -
Internal DESY-Zeuthen Report 96-10, JINR E2-96-40, Dubna
Ed. by W.-D. Nowak and O. Selyugin.
4th Meeting
"Prospects of Nucleon-Nucleon Spin Physics at HERA",
DESY Zeuthen, August 30-31, 1997.

"Physics with Polarized Protons at HERA"
DESY-Hamburg and DESY-Zeuthen, March - September 1997.

2nd Topical Workshop
"Deep Inelastic Scattering off Polarized Targets: Theory Meets Experiment",
DESY-Zeuthen, 1-5 September 1997

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