Origin2000 : The Revolution in High-End Server Scalability.

Paper: 468
Session: V (talk)
Speaker: Mertz, Wolfgang, Silicon Graphics GmbH, Grasbrunn-Neukeferloh
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"Origin2000 : The Revolution in High-End Server Scalability."

Introducing Origin servers - the first family of technical and enterprise
servers to deliver affordable building block expansion from a single processor
entry configuration to maximum configuration without chassis swaps.

Origin servers are based on the breakthrough S2MP architecture and combine
the ease-of-use of symmetric multiprocessor systems, expandability of
massively parallel systems and inherent availability of cluster solutions
into a single solution. The result is the world's most powerful and flexible
product family, capable of handling the largest super-computing challenges
and data ware-houses.

Origin's "pay-as-you-go" expansion in all dimensions takes the guesswork
out of planning and delivers a solution that can't be outgrown - essential
with today's virtually unpredictable explosion in conventional and digital
media data.

S2MP's powerful I/O capabilities make Origin ideal for managing and
analyzing large quantities of high performance on-line data and servicing
an unprecedented number of high-speed network connections.