Helping in choosing the right commodity compilers for HEP

Paper: 137
Session: G (talk)
Speaker: Jarp, Sverre, CERN, Geneva
Keywords: mixed language programming, commodity computing, portability, programming languages, software tools

Helping in choosing the right commodity compilers for HEP

N.Buncic/CERN, S.Jarp/CERN, C.Meessen/CPPM



RD47(HEPPC) is a research project to investigate the use of commodity computing
as a viable choice for LHC computing.
Selection of the right compiler can be a very important element
in getting the best development environment, the appropriate
application robustness and optimal performance.
This talk will describe the port of the Atlas simulation code (DICE96)
on Windows/NT using the MS FORTRAN/C compilers as well as the Powersoft (Watcom) ones.
Additionally, the porting of a pure C++ application,
such as the Geant4 prototype, will be covered.
The latter has involved several compilers,
including the Microsoft, Watcom, Borland, and Intel Reference C++ compilers.
The presentation will highlight porting issues,
discuss the development environments and compare performance numbers.
Guidelines for Unix/NT compatibility will be reviewed and a short discussion of
intra-NT porting (x86, Alpha, PowerPC) will also be made.