CMS Reconstruction and Analysis: an Object Oriented Approach

Paper: 149
Session: E (talk)
Speaker: Innocente, Vincenzo, CERN, Geneva
Keywords: application programming, C++, class libraries, ODBMS's, object-oriented methods

CMS Reconstruction and Analysis:
an Object Oriented Approach

Vincenzo Innocente
ECP Division, CERN, CH-1211 Geneve 23
CMS Collaboration


A vigorous R&D program is on going in CMS to define
the software which will support physics analysis from
DAQ to publication.

A central role is played by an Object Oriented framework will will
steer reconstruction and event selection independently
of the environment (on-line trigger, off-line reconstruction,
user analysis).

The use of OO technologies allows to build
a flexible framework with an interface which is
independent of the environment and, at the same time,
with implementations which will be adapted to the specific
requirements of each application.

The architecture of the first prototype
of such a framework will be described
together with the requirements such a system puts
on some of the third party (mainly commercial)
software it will use
(in particular on the persistent object manager).

The lessons learned in using object oriented
technologies and third party commercial software
for such a typical HEP software system
will also be reported.