The remote access at DESY

Paper: 129
Session: D (talk)
Speaker: Bobyshev, Andrey, DESY, Hamburg
Keywords: networking, communication, Internet PC's

The remote access at DESY.

M.Ernst, A.Bobyshev

Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotronen (DESY)


The recent progress in the modem technology and wide
availability of the modern Integrated Services Digital
Network (ISDN) brings a possibility to provide
reasonable connectivity for remote computers at home
with central computing facilities.The DESY LAN is a
multiprotocol network , many network applications
which are used for control and monitoring at DESY are
based on IP, IPX and Appletalk protocols and need to
be used remotely.The obsolete system based on an
access router(s) and modem pool(s) can not satisfy the
latest requirements on multiprotocol support for as
many as 200 simultaneous users.

This report introduces a technical realization of the
central remote access system at DESY, solutions of the
remote clients for many operating environments and
management tools to provide users's access to that

The central remote access system consists of a
single-box multiprotocol router/bridge and unix based
servers maintaining the authentication information,
other individual's parameters and gathering accounting
data. The DESY's system is capable of providing
bridging and IP, IPX, AppleTalk routing over the
public telephone network and ISDN at transfer rates of
33.6Kb/s and 128 Kb/s respectively. The remote clients
are dedicated computers or ethernet sublans based on
different computer platforms and operating
environments such as IBM PC with MSDOS, Windows 3.11,
Windows 95 and Windows NT, Linux and Macintosh with
System 7.5.x and ARA or MacTCP. The system can provide
simultaneously MPP, PPP, SLIP, ARA as well as
character access over ISDN and POTS and serves now
about 500 people with as many as 120 concurrent