Mass Storage Systems at Fermilab: An early experience with the High Performance Storage System.

Paper: 425
Session: C (talk)
Speaker: Moibenko, Alexander, Fermilab, Batavia
Keywords: mass storage, hierarchical storage management, security, software tools

Mass Storage Systems at Fermilab: An early experience with the High
Performance Storage System.

Ken Fidler, Krzysztof Genser, Steve Kalisz, Jeff Mack,
Alexander Moibenko, David Sachs

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
PO Box 500, Batavia, Illinois 60510, USA.


With datasets increasing in size to many tens of terabytes
today along with expected increases to hundreds of terabytes
for Run II of the Tevatron Collider beginning in 1999,
Fermilab has begun to deploy new generations of both
software and hardware to enable efficient storage, access
and management of these datasets. Because of its robust
design and scalable architecture, Fermilab is integrating
and testing the High Performance Storage System (HPSS) as a
foundation for providing these large scale data storage
and management services.

The initial production HPSS system is being used by current
Fixed-Target experiments and other laboratory groups. This
experience is being used to test the feasibility of
extending the capacity of such a system to support petabyte
class data storage and management problems such as those we
will encounter in the upcoming Collider Run II.

This paper will describe current status and experiences
with HPSS in meeting our current needs as well as outline
what we believe is necessary to be done to scale this
system upwards to support petabyte class storage.
Additionally, we will discuss needed HPSS enhancements and
suggest possible implementations for these improvements.
We will also describe additional software that Fermilab has
developed to provide necessary functionality in addition to
the native HPSS API that makes this system usable for both
interactive and large scale batch processing of HPSS
managed data.