Experimental Data Management System for SND Experiment

Paper: 235
Session: C (poster)
Presenter: Gaponenko, Igor, Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk
Keywords: data management, file systems, hierarchical storage management, mass storage

Experimental Data Management System for SND Experiment


Budker Institute of Nuclear Phisics,
Novosibirsk 630090 Russia


The Spherical Neutral Detector (SND) is a facility for
experiments at the VEPP-2M e+e- collider in Novosibirsk,
Russia. SND detector operates since 1995 at the energy
region of 0.4-1.4 GeV.

Data aquisition and processing results from detector
require an access to large data storage media
(magnetic tapes). To provide simple and
reliable access to the data on tapes the program for
Experimental Data Management System was developed.
The program is in use since September,1993.

Main features of the program: directory structure similar
to VAX/VMS or UNIX, caching files in the disk buffer,
directory tree based automatic allocation of magnetic tapes,
automatic allocation of recorder using information about
tapes and recorders type and placement, information tags
for files.

Program is working in close interaction with both online
and offline systems of the detector. Calibration constant
data base of the detector is partially based on information
provided by the program.

Overall structure of program, its interaction with other
SND software components and experience in using of this
program is presented.