Objectivity/DB Performance and Scalability

Paper: 136
Session: C (talk)
Speaker: Duellmann, Dirk, CERN, Geneva
Keywords: ?

Objectivity/DB Performance and Scalability

Dirk Duellmann

In response to the LCRB milestones, the CERN RD45 project has made
a detailed study of the performance and scalability of the Objectivity/DB
ODBMS product, including a comparison based upon the use of the ODBMS as input
to physics analysis version the traditional approach of using PAW and Ntuples.
Given that the LHC experiments will eventually require a system capable
of storing many tens of PB of physics data, and early demonstration of the
scalability of any proposed solution is fundamental. Whilst we have measured
the scalability of Objectivity/DB into the few-hundred GB region, it is clear
that further work is required, extending these studies to the multi-TB region
and beyond. We outline plans for this work, including approximate timescales.