The GEANT4 Visualization System

Paper: 433
Session: A (talk)
Speaker: Allison, John, University of Manchester
Keywords: code management, object-oriented methods, graphics, visualization, world-wide collaboration

The GEANT4 Visualization System

John Allison
University of Manchester, M13 9PL, England

The Visualization System for the GEANT4 prototype consists of a
Visualization Manager and a Graphics System Interface. The Interface
takes the form of C++ abstract base classes which define the
operations required. 4 different graphics systems covering a variety
of performance - speed, high presentation quality, high interactivity,
platform independence - have already been derived from the Interface.
The Manager instantiates and selects views, as requested, and brokers
commands from users and other components of GEANT4. It is assisted by
a comprehensive library of graphics representations, for example,
polyhedron and NURBS representations of GEANT4's geometry shapes.
Thsi prototype will be described and comments and feedback sought.

9th December 1996
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