On the Use of Immersive Technology in HEP

Paper: 419
Session: A (talk)
Speaker: Lebrun, Paul, Fermilab, Batavia
Keywords: CAD/CAM, development environments, graphics, virtual reality

On the Use of Immersive Technology in HEP

P. Lebrun, A. Boehnlein, M. Edel, J. Kallenbach
Fermi National Accelerator Lab


Many scientific disciplines, including HEP, are making use
of Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance interest and
understanding of the subject. Immersive technology can help
visualize - and therefore understand - intricate detector
design, and possibly Physics Analysis.

During the past year, the Physics Analysis Tools department
investigated, purchased, and began implementation of a
basic desktop VR system. We describe our selection process
and preliminary implementation using a tabletop BOOM device
connected to an SGI ONYX Reality Engine. We also describe
our first experiences visualizing Physics objects using
existing software language Open Inventor/Virtual Reality
Modelling Language (VRML). We discuss specialized
applications under development.