Distributed Data Analysis using JAVA

Paper: 332
Session: A (talk)
Speaker: Johnson, Anthony, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford
Keywords: analysis, component software, data acquisition systems, GUI's, Java

Distributed Data Analysis using JAVA
Tony Johnson - Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

This talk will describe a prototype distributed analysis system using JAVA
as a physics analysis language. The aim of the project is to create a
experiment independent client-server based analysis package, allowing
physicists to work in a natural way using a desktop GUI system while still
accessing the full power of a large central data processing system.
Using this system a physicist can write analysis code in JAVA using a GUI
front-end tool running on his local PC or workstation. The code can be
compiled, tested and debugged locally, and then submitted to a remote data
server by pushing a single button. Even when the code is running remotely
the resulting plots are presented to the physicist using the local GUI
front-end. The system is designed to work with relatively low bandwidth
connection between the desktop and the central data server, and is aimed at
giving the typical university resident user good access to a data server
machine based at a large laboratory.