Arve: An Object-oriented Analysis Framework Design for ATLAS

Paper: 181
Session: A (talk)
Speaker: Burnett, Toby, University of Washington, Stanford
Keywords: analysis, application programming, C++, class libraries, object-oriented methods

Arve: An Object-oriented Analysis Framework Design for ATLAS

T.H. Burnett

Department of Physics, University of Washington
Seattle WA 98198-1560


This talk presents the design of an object-oriented framework intended to
facilitate development of detector reconstruction and physics analysis code. This is
a challenge since one must keep in mind the needs of two rather different users:
(1) The developer, who wants to be able to rapidly test code in the context of
the final application, and (2) The user, who needs an intuitive, familiar
environment, with interactive and batch capability. In other words, the
development environment must be a subset of, and easily evolve into, a
production environment. To satisfy this, we have developed a modular
and flexible scheme. The modularity is primarily with regard to how easy it is
to create applications containing only the subdetectors relevant to a developer.
The control model follows this scheme, in that subdetectors are responsible to
defining their commands, via a common interface. Rapid testing and development
is made much easier with two other capabilities: the ability to generate and simulate
simple events, perhaps single particles; and a simple visualization model that
allows flexible display of any geometric object. These ideas will be
demonstrated with a prototype showing various elements of the ATLAS LHC detector.